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And this makes me want to laugh my head off, but the hypocrisy makes me want to throw up 🤷‍♂️

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It’s always these repressed Republican hypocrites caught with their figurative and actual pants down. And then comes a weeping ask for christian forgiveness.

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Yay! My home city made the national news! </snark>. Christian Ziegler pushed the Sarasota County Commission to put a citizen's referendum on the ballot to make the Commission seats at-large seats, rather than by district. He figured the suburban votes would sweep it to victory. It was defeated! He tried again, this time with a special election, counting on low turnout to get the win, and it was defeated again! He chose to not run for re-election after that.

Bridget has been a piece of work on the School Board, so much so that even other conservatives on the board have turned against her, even before this story broke. Our public schools here are some of the best in Florida, and the parents here are pretty involved, usually, except they went to sleep during the last school board election, which is how Bridget got her seat. Nobody is sleeping now.

The next public school board meeting, needless to say, will be must-see TV.

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Well, Rick Wilson being a fifth generation Floridiot knows where these folks live, play and. well.. It is a well needed laugh, but the damage they have done is enough to make one scream.

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Makes me gag, on the laugh-scream. What leaps out, though, is the proliferation in two short years of 300 Moms for Liberty chapters in 48 states. That is terrifying.

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This scandal merely shows just how cynical is the membership of the GOP, to use such emotionally laden issues to stir up public outrage, while secretly practicing a lifestyle that they explicitly condemn. How they can look at themselves in the mirror every day is a mystery.

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As Josef Goebbels said “Accuse the other side of that of which you are guilty.” Not surprising at all…for today’s GOP and the clientele it attracts. Why do you think trump is running as a Republican and not as a Democratic candidate?

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The Zieglers would like some privacy at this time of the sad personal loss of their dirty little secret. And please keep the media accounts of this away from the kiddies because it may make them point and laugh at adult authority.

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“It’s all projection” yes it is Tom. But what’s truly astonishing is that the hypocrisy and self dealing is no longer hidden. It’s all an open secret, cosplay in full display, while lying in our faces and gaslighting us all. The GOP “glitterati” have no shame. Instead they have arrogance and naked power which they wield mercilessly. Meanwhile rich conservatives keep flooding into Florida, driving up housing costs and rigging the system in their favor. The tragedy unfolds.

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So the saying goes: “All judgement is self judgement”. Well at least that’s what I learned in a “self help awareness” workshop once upon a time. Seems to fit.

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Holy moly, TC. I haven't laughed this much in a

long time. I've been waiting

for someone in Florida to

start peeling the rotten rind

off the GOP there.

Wonder how all those schoolboard mom and dads

are feeling about the hook,

line and sinker they've swallowed, as well as the

dimwitted Moms for Liberty.

Golly, what a conspiracy theory, or books, that would

make. The real story behind

Pizzagate. Secret Libraries

of MfL.

Our AG here in AR just trashed the ballot neasure

to secure reproductive freedom. He said he couldn't

understand that title, or the

language within that would

guarantee a female the right

to terminate a pregnancy

from conception up to 18

weeks of gestation. It went

on to determine the reasons

why. AR currently has a no

abortion, for any reason law.

90,000 signatures are required for each ballot.

It will be a very close time

limit to get this on the 24

ballot, but we're going to

give it another try, with very

simple language he might


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If the couple in question were the Bidens, I would say that since they don't care about what I do in my bedroom, I don't care what they do in theirs. But these people claim the right to control your and my personal life. And that is why they deserve every possible condemnation, every joke and embarrassment at their expense, and our disgust.

And I think we should claim this is why DeathSantis wears high heels.

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TC, this sounds like a great movie pitch. What’s the ending?

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“Listen Maggie, what happens in Sarasota was supposed to stay in Sarasota; didn’t you get the memo?”

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Whew. Fun. I always like what you do with facts and hypocracy. It feels like Terry Southern is writing the script for MAGA theater. All of it is so unbelievably mad.

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Everything Trump touches...

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